Bigg Boss 17: Punjabi Singer Sunanda Sharma To Enter The House As A Guest On Weekend

Bigg Boss 17 is running in a full blown way. The drama, romance, fights and never ending interesting tasks have already shown the true colors of all the contestants. Salman Khan like every other season is bang on schooling all the house guests and the shows TRP is on fire. 

To add fuel to the TRP’s fire, Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma will bring her charm to the Bigg Boss 17 stage. Sunanda will be seen in an upcoming to interact with the housemates and Salman. The singer will seen wearing a beautiful suit with heavy jewellery. 

“Weekend Ka Vaar” is approaching and fans are excited as  Salman Khan will be providing insights into the week’s event. He will praise those who performed well and will also address their shortcomings. 

Sunanda Sharma on the other hand released her song recently “Chandigarh ka Chokra”. 

The music video has already garnered 32 lakh views in one day. Sunanda Sharma has also sung several popular songs like Mummy Nu Pasand, Udh Di Phiran, Jaani Tera Naa, Duji Vaar Pyaar, Sandal etc. 

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