These Funniest Queries And Their Answers On Amazon Will Make You Laugh Like Never Before

We all are fans of online shopping. Aren’t we? Be it Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, Ajio or any other online shopping application, their users are always active in posting reviews and also answering the confusions and queries of other customers.

And it is very common and we all have scrolled down to read those reviews and common questions about the product. But have you ever read something that twisted your mind, or made no sense but was still funny? If yes, you can share those screenshots with us and DM us on @kiddaan on Instagram. 

And meanwhile, enjoy these funniest queries we found on Amazon. These were too funny to be ignored.

Just like we couldn’t resist ourselves from sharing these with you, you should share this with your friends too. Also don’t forget to DM us and share if you find anything similar and worth sharing. 

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