This Viral Messi & Ronaldo × Daru Badnaam Crossover Is Winning The Internet. Watch Video

While the world stays always busy debating about who’s best between Ronaldo and Messi, someone out there has proved that they are best together. We are sure you are in love with Punjabi Songs and especially the superhit party-starter  ‘Daru Badnaam’. Now, you must be thinking how different these two sentences are and make no sense together. But wait, we have something which is related to both of these. 

We believe watching Ronaldo and Messi grooving on Punjabi songs is not impossible but still hard. But recently we got our hands on something which not only made us laugh but also gave a feeling of a dream coming true. Someone has edited the video of popular international footballers Ronaldo and Messi with a crossover with superhit Punjabi song ‘Daru Badnaam’. 

The video is a must-watch and is already going viral on various social media platforms.

This video has grabbed more than a thousand likes and crossed over 25 thousand views with 350 and counting retweets. The netizens are also sharing their amazing comments about the same video which is pushing the video to go even more popular.

We are sure this video made you laugh and has come out as a a stress buster for you. 

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