What Motivated ‘Keh Len De’ Fame Kaka Ji To Sing His Own Songs!

Punjabi singer Kaka Ji who is well known for his songs Keh Len De, Libas and many others has started his musical journey way before he hit the ladders of success. The posts on his social media shows how Kaka was always writing poems and lyrics for songs. The singer has to go through many obstacles before earning a massive fan following. 

While asked about his writing career and whether he wishes to give his songs to some big artists. To this the singer unveiled, when he used to have a job in Mohali, someone told him that music director B Praak lives in Homeland, Mohali. Kaka, who was very much fond of the artist and his work, thought to call him but nobody received his call. Kaka wanted to contact B Praak not because he admires the music director’s work but because he thought B Praak will definitely recognise his talent. So he contacted his manager but didn’t get any response from his side. 

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After this, he tried to contact many artists like Nachhatar Gill, Sajjan Adeeb but again he did not receive any positive response from any one. Kaka didn’t lose hope as he thought that it’s obvious how anyone would trust him or know him on phone calls. If he wants to show his writing and skill, he must visit them in person. 

Again, he remained positive and took these things firmly. He further added, if then any of the artists would have picked his phone call, he would not have become a singer today and his fans would always recognise him as a lyricist. Hence, this story is the perfect story that describes whatever happens, happens for a good. 

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