When Foreign Model Natasa Stankovic Had To Fight With Uneasy Struggles During The Shoot Of DJ Wale Babu

Are you also one of those who is impressed with DJ Wale Babu? If yes, you need to know the behind the scene story of this superhit song.

Dj Wale Babu was and has been one of the most popular party songs of India. And many people believe the song was shot in Dubai. But the fact is, the song cast never went to Dubai and shot it entirely in Rajasthan, India. 

Astha Gill while sharing her and the crew’s experience during the shoot, revealed that the climate has upside down changes in Rajasthan, as daytime is extremely hot and nights have unimaginative coldness. The song’s model ‘Natasa Stankovic’ was trying her best to adapt to the climate condition but her efforts didn’t come out quite fruitfully.

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Being a foreigner Natasa had to suffer the most, to start with, she was not getting properly fed as food in Rajasthan is rich in spices. She was unable to handle the spices so the team managed to get some egg for her, but that too was not sufficient for a whole day. 

Hence, she remained hungry all day and on top of that, the unfavorable climate worked against her and made her sick. She got 102 degrees fever, on the shooting day. Despite her hunger and ill health, she chose to perform and completed the task with grace. Other crew members also started falling ill hence they wrapped the shot as soon as possible.

She also said the hardships always make the journey extraordinary and the climate and food made their process commendable and unforgettable.

This song will remain a memorable one in the history of the Music Industry and so will the story behind it. 

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