When Gurpreet Ghuggi Acted Drunk In His College Days And Everybody Was Worried

A person can never become an actor, because an actor is born not made. Gurpreet Ghuggi without any doubts is one of the finest actors we have in Punjabi Film industry. Every time he is on the screen, we avoid blinking to avoid missing anything he does. But the struggle story of such a great actor was not easy.

There was an actor inside him, but there was time to explore him. That’s why he used to attend hobby classes in his college. But there too he was usually neglected and discriminated against by other rich students as he was the only poor student attending the classes. While others used to come on their Jeeps, motor bikes and cars, Gurpreet Ghuggi used to ride his bicycle. 

His fellow mates used to make fun of him and suggested him to drop his dream of becoming an actor. But it was only his teacher, Suresh Sagar who used to support him.

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That is why one day young Ghuggi decided to let his fellows know what real acting and actors are. He entered the auditorium and acted all drunk. And while acting drunk, he used the opportunity to burst out his frustration. He spoke whatever he felt about each fellow. And in the meanwhile somebody went to their teacher, Suresh sir and complained about Gurpreet Ghuggi being drunk. 

And when the teacher came near Ghuggi and smelled his breathing, he realized Gurpreet wasn’t drunk and acting. He appreciated him but also asked him the reason behind doing this. And to this, Ghuggi replied that he wanted to show these students that he can act.   

This incident is as beautiful as interesting it is. We are sure, wherever those rich fellows of Gurpreet Ghuggi are, they must be proud of him and flaunt the fact that they shared a classroom with the legendary actor.

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