Here’s Why Popcorns & Snacks Are So Expensive In Cinema Halls!

We all love to watch movies. Watching it in the cinema hall with friends and family is even more glorious. But a movie in a cinema hall with some snack in hands; is a combination made in heaven until you are not paying the bill.

Ever wondered, why cinema halls charge you more for a bucket of popcorn than the movie ticket itself? It doesn’t matter whether you are from a middle class family or a family with a big purse, you have definitely thought about the high charges of Popcorn in cinema halls.

Movie tickets of ₹100-500 and food items double the ticket price, sounds terrifying.

We tried to unfold this expensive mystery over the years, and we came across the answer finally with an empty pocket obviously. India’s largest multiplex chain boss, Mr. Ajay Bijli answered this question about the high price of food items and beverages in cinema halls.

Sharing his views on this issue of high food and beverage prices in PVR, Chairman & MD, Ajay Bijli spoke about the Food and Beverage business which he said is now worth Rs 1,500 crore. The PVR’ Boss believes that India remains under-screened and the business has immense potential to grow. He talked on the fact that India is needing an enhanced multiplex experience at every price point, as per ET report.

Mr. Bijli reportedly said that he does not blame consumers for speaking out against expensive food at PVR cinemas, as the transition from single screens to multiplexes for films is still taking place and there’s huge difference in operational and capital expenditure involved in running both forms of theatres. These costs include the cost of squeezing in multi-screens in the limited space and setting up the infrastructure required to run them and the rent of the leased property in the mall.

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“Expenses are a function of quality. When people feel they are happy with what they are getting, then they don’t complain”, Bijli mentioned. “Earlier, single screens used to have one projection room, one sound system, and foyers were never air conditioned. When multiplexes came, capex (capital expenditure) shot up 4 to 6 times.” PVR Boss further added.

He also said that multiplexes have six screens with six projection rooms, six sound systems along with air conditioned foyers (the entrance hall in a cinema/theatre where people meet or wait), so the capital expenditure and the operational expenditure also shot up. All these cost rising factors are the main reason behind high prices for food and beverages available in theatre companies like PVR. “People are largely happy with the overall quality of the offering, otherwise they would not have done the F&B sales that they have achieved,”  the PVR boss added.

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We hope you got the answer to the most expensive question of the century. So, next time when you buy a Popcorn bucket or a cup of your favorite beverage in the cinema hall, don’t bother about the reason for the high price but only bother about your purse…Toodles!!

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