‘Offscreen Itna Kar Lete Hain…’: Arbaaz Khan Reveals Why Salman Khan Doesn’t Kiss On Screen

Salman Khan is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most celebrated actors of Bollywood. Though he has done a lot of romantic films with many actresses, the actor hasn’t kissed any of his co-stars on screen. And Salman Khan has stated he has this policy because his films are pure family entertainers. 

Earlier during an interview, Salman said, “I’ve felt awkward when we used to watch films at home. Our whole family used to watch English films and when the actors would kiss on screen, we used to feel awkward and turn around and start talking. That’s stuck in my head, so I’ve never done that.”

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When further asked about whether he feels comfortable kissing on screen, he said “Dekho mein ye sab toh karta nahi hoon tou mujhe is cheez se farq nahi padta”.


But His brother Arbaaz Khan has a different yet hilarious reason for his no-kissing rule. Arbaz Khan spilled the beans in a funny way on The Kapil Sharma Show by saying  “Woh itna kar lete hain off-screen ki on-screen zaroorat hi nahi padti.” (He does it so often off-screen that he doesn’t need to do it on-screen).

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This left the audience in extreme humour and laughter. But apparently, It was just a joke. (We guess it was)


It was earlier believed that Salman Khan finally broke his no kissing rule with Disha Patani in his film Radhe. But it was later revealed that it was only a cheat kiss with tape on Disha’s lips.

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