Yaar Chale Bahar Episode 2 Review: Chaos At The Institute As Harry & JJ Prepare For Face-Off

Yaar Chale Bahar Episode 2 – Mock Test has finally been released on Troll Punjabi official Youtube Channel. The second episode revolves around a ‘mock test’ that results in a lot of trouble! You might be wondering what bad a mock test can do? You need to watch the episode for that.

Gurleen is still mad at Harry for lying about his marks in the last test. But this anger wasn’t just limited to a casual quarrel. Harry is on the verge of hearing the truth about his relationship and it’s surely going to leave him broken into pieces. 

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On the other hand, the results of the mock test are out! JJ was back again at targeting Karamveer as he scored just 2 bands in his first test. However, this time JJ completely messes up things. He goes on to mock Harry for cheating in the test and faces Harry’s wrath. The scene is particularly hilarious as the whole institute gets together to save JJ from a Hockey-equipped Harry waiting to smash the sh*t out of him!

Karamveer’s equation with Pallavi is almost over as he realizes she isn’t enough to take him to Canada. His next target is Nimrat, who is a class topper and the right person to help Karam in his Canada dream. He helps Nimrat’s friend Preet by paying her tuition fees to win Nimrat’s heart.

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Besides upsetting Karamveer and Harry, JJ upsets yet another person by revealing her truth. He announces to the whole class that Mehar, their teacher, is married. This leaves Inder heartbroken, who asks Mehar for confirmation. Mehar reacts negatively but we’ll know she’s lying. She’s afraid that the truth of her file would reach her husband who would make things difficult.

The second episode focussed more on the story than comedy. There are hilarious sets but some very important topics raised. Amrinder Sir’s monologue about how students who indulge in street fights, violence and plaza fights not only spoil the image of international students but also the community as a whole, is something that needs to be paid attention to.

The second episode has once again left us with many unanswered questions. Harry and Gurleen’s relationship, Mehar’s truth, Karamveer’s catfishing, Preet’s IELTS dream and many more! We eagerly wait for the third episode which releases on 9th July at 5pm.

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