Did You Notice Jethalal And Babita’s Performance In Sidhu Moosewala’s Song US?

Source: SardarFlix & Sab TV

In today’s modern world of technology and trending memes, social media has become our favorite place for entertainment. Usually, when something is trending on social media, it’s also an obvious invite for creators to make super funny memes. 

And currently Sidhu Moosewala’s song US has been quite popular among fans and social media. The song is sung by Sidhu Moosewala and Raja Kumari and also features Preet Aujla in its music video.

US Music Video Review

We have already reviewed the song, hence we will not be talking about it here.

In fact, we are here to discuss something even more unexpected and entertaining. Can you imagine our favorite meme lord Jethalal and Babita Ji grooving on Moosewala’s latest song ‘US’? If not, we have something which will blow your mind.

Recently we came across something which disturbed our scrolling and caught our attention.

We noticed a hilarious video by content creator Sardarflix. We must say he has done a commendable job in creating this video.


The clip centered Jethalal and Babita from TMKOC, the song fits perfectly on them as it is the hidden storyline of the show around these characters and the line goes like ‘Main thodi tez aan, oh thoda bhola, life katheyan bitauni saada goal aa’. The icing on the cake is its last line that goes like ‘Kudiya te Nasheyan ton door aa’ . It means he keeps himself away from women and intoxication, which makes it more hilarious.

Sardarflix’s Instagram profile is filled with such funny and creative videos which definitely will blow your mind.

You can check this profile for more such entertaining stuff.

SardarFlix’s IG Account

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