Do You Know SRK’s Parents Struggled To Collect Every Single Coin To Pay His School Fees?

Shah Rukh Khan, the king of the Bollywood Film Industry is known as one of the richest, most successful and popular actors in India. Today he enjoys huge stardom, love and respect, but can you imagine there was a time when he struggled for money?

Yes, fighting poverty is the struggle story of many actors but when we talk about Shahrukh Khan, it’s different. The man who is addressed as a king has faced a time when his family did not even have money to pay his school fees on time.

It was in an interview with Filmfare in 2013 when Shahrukh Khan got emotional and opened up about his early years. He talked about his father’s death because they could not afford the expensive injections, the importance of money, his children and a lot more. 

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Srk said that there was a time when his school used to send notices threatening to throw him out of the school due to unpaid fees. He said, “I was sent letters from the school threatening to throw me out because my fees were not paid. Mom and dad would collect change lying below the mattresses and pay for my education. Because I have seen so much poverty, I don’t yearn for money.

Not only this, Shahrukh Khan also talked about how his wife usually tells him how much he values money. But in reality, he feels that because there was a time when he had no money, he thinks it won’t make any difference if he won’t have it again. But he is still afraid that his children should always have a house to live in.

The only fear is that my children should never be without a house. If you have a house and education, the world is at your feet. If you don’t have a job and money, at least you’ll have a roof to sleep and cry under. I’ve slept on the roads. There have been times I’ve been thrown out of my house because we couldn’t pay the rent. I have been on the roads twice”, said the actor.

The conversation between Shahrukh Khan and Filmfare also reached a point where Srk remembered his late father. Srk expressed that he is not sure till date that if his father died because they had no money or because he had to die. 

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Remembering the time he said, “It may sound arrogant but kings don’t ask. Even if it’s the media who calls me the king, I believe it and that’s why I don’t ask. Even a poverty-stricken king will never ask. If people ask him for something he’ll give his flesh and blood. I’m from a poor family. I’ve seen the worst. My father was dying and we couldn’t afford the expensive injections. My aunt used to send them from London. But if the course was of 20 injections, we managed only eight. So I’ll never know whether he died because we didn’t have the money or he died because he had to.”

This emotional interaction went viral and made the Srk fans respect the actor even more. Shahrukh Khan has built an empire for himself today, and he is also blessed with an amazing family and millions of admirers.

Not only for his acting skills and superhit movies but for being generous and humble, his fans will love him forever.

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