Do You Know Translation Of Cricket In Chinese? 18+ Warning For Punjabis

Do You Know Translation Of Cricket In Chinese? 18+ Warning For Punjabis

Cricket is today identified as a sport by more than 100 Countries all over the world as per International Cricket Council (ICC). The vast reach of the game has allowed players of all ethnicities, cultures and languages to come together and play in the spirit of the sport.

An interesting fact about the game’s translation in Chinese language has come out in public. Ramiz Raja, Former Pakistani Cricketer, currently serving as the Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board and a commentator was interviewing a Chinese man on the field prior to a match. And the world came to know that the game of Cricket is called ‘Bancho’ in the Chinese Language.

The video is about 2 years old and was shared by former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh on his Facebook profile on 4 March, 2018. Being a Punjabi, Yuvraj was familiar with what the term means in Punjabi. The video has left the audience in splits. Yuvraj even wrote the caption that probably a Punjabi guy was called to name the game of cricket in China.

It is quite interesting how the same words mean different things in different languages and can cause confusion. There are many such words which mean something else in a foreign language but the Hindi audience find it funny as hell. The word ‘Lund’ is an example. Take a look at this:

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‘Bancho’ in Punjabi language is totally different from what it means in Chinese. An abusive word of the same pronunciation exists in the Punjabi language and it has been the reason for all the laughter. The video is funny in itself for the way Ramiz Raja asks the Chinese man to pronounce the word again, as if he knows it’s going to make the audience laugh.

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