Emiway Bantai Deletes ‘Machayenge 4’ Disstrack For Kr$na. Read To Know The Reason

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you might know what is going on between Emiway Bantai and Kr$na. Two of the biggest Hip-hop artists in the country indulged in one of the worst beefs we have ever seen, and soon, beef became a hot topic all around the country.

Emiway Bantai released ‘Machayenge 4’ as a counter diss track for Kr$na’s ‘Machayenge 4’. What was different about both of the tracks was that Emiway and Kr$na both left no limits to be crossed! 

While Kr$na went on to take straight names and make disrespectful remarks about Emiway Bantai’s close friend Swaalina, Emiway Bantai in reaction went on to target Kr$na’s mother and say all the disrespectful things you could imagine.

The beef was turning out to be as dirty as it could be. So, Emiway Bantai recently announced through his Instagram stories that he was taking down ‘Machayenge 4’. He said that the beef was turning out to be too dirty and he isn’t here in hip-hop for this, he is here to spread knowledge.

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He also announced the release of new music, apart from all the beef-game. Emiway Bantai’s decision to remove his song from Youtube has been taken positively by many hip-hop fans in the country, while many view it as a defeat on his side in this beef.

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