How To Make Saree With Chips Wrappers? Take Hints From This Viral Video

Potato chips are one of the most popular and delectable snacks. The quick and easy snack comes in a range of flavours and can rapidly satisfy hunger cravings. However, after eating, most people discard the packet, right? Don’t do that from now on as we have a new way of using the leftover chips wrappers, a potato chips wrappers saree.

You will be amazed as one girl came up with something brilliant. The viral clip was posted on Instagram by In the short video, a girl can be seen waving a potato chips packet in front of the camera. Almost instantly, she can be seen wearing a silver saree with the border and the pallu, both fashioned out of bright wrappers.

“For the love of blue Lays and saree,” reads the caption of the post.

After the video went viral, it triggered a plethora of reactions from netizens. Call it creativity or best out of waste approach, this girl has definitely nailed it. Her fashion sense is cost-effective yet stylish.

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So, if you are an ardent chips lover, would you try it? Or would you have liked it better if it was your favourite flavour of chips?

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