Jagdeep Sidhu Reveals 8 Unknown Facts About Dildariyaan That Make The Film Special For Him

Jagdeep Sidhu is surely one of the undisputed directors and writers of the Punjabi Film Industry. The filmmaker who is known for movies like Qismat, Qismat 2, Sufna and Lekh, has been a part of various other successful films as well. And one among them is Dildariyaan which was released in 2015. 

Dildariyaan starred Jassie Gill and Sagarika Ghatge in the lead roles and made a place in the hearts of fans. But do you know this film was way more special for its writer Jagdeep Sidhu? And to justify this, there are not one, but eight reasons. And Jagdeep has unveiled all of them in a recent Instagram post.  Read to know why the film Dildariyaan is extremely special for Jagdeep Sidhu.


Eight Unknown Facts About Punjabi Movie Dildariyaan

First Film

Dildariyaan was the first story of Jagdeep Sidhu which was transformed into a feature film. This suggests that Sidhu was fond of writing, but his story which opened the industry’s doors for him was the story of this film. 


Jagdeep has raised the curtain from a big surprise that the story of Dildariyaan was actually inspired by the Bollywood superhit film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge. While DDLJ starred Shahrukh Khan and Kajol as two strangers who meet and fall in love with each other, the plot of this Punjabi film also followed a similar kind of storyline. 

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Neeru Bajwa Connection

Before Sagarika was finalized, Neeru Bajwa was supposed to play the lead role in Dildariyaan. And not only this, she was also planning to join the project as a producer. But since the dates of the film were clashing with her wedding, she had to opt out.

Jasleen Slaich’s Cameo

Who knew Jagdeep Sidhu once was a big fan and admirer of Jasleen Slaich? He also revealed this secret and mentioned that he especially wrote a cameo role in this film for Jasleen. Now this is what we call a true fan! 

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Contribution In Qismat 2

Assi Munde Ohna Nu Dost Kehnde Han, Jinha Nu Saari Umar Nahi Chhadna Hunda,

Tusi Kudiyan Ohna Nu Dost Kehndi Ho Jihna Nu Chhadna Hunda Hai
This epic and heart-wrenching dialogue from superhit movie Qismat 2 was originally written for Dildariyaan.

Quest For Starcast

While finding the apt actors for the film’s character, Jassie Gill was already the first choice of the film’s team, but after Neeru Bajwa opted out of it, the search for the female lead was still on. And interestingly the team found Sagarika in one post by Neeru Bajwa and planned to cast her.

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Jagdeep’s Special  September 

All the fans of Jagdeep Sidhu already know that he is in absolute love with September. Every year he releases his films in September and many believe this started with Nikka Zaildar. But it’s not true, because it actually began with Dildariyaan. 

Jagdeep’s Fees

Jagdeep spilled the beans sarcastically and revealed that Dildariyaan was the first project for which he was paid the promised fees

Jagdeep surely remembers a lot about the film and he still cherishes the memories. This film gave a kick start to Jagdeep’s journey in the Punjabi Film industry and after that, the talent in him never looked back. 
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