Kaur B Built House And Farms On Panchayat Land! Reveals Inspection

Where artists of the Punjabi Music Industry are usually surrounded by controversies, Punjabi Singer Kaur B has also landed in unwanted trouble. As per the latest reports of ABP Sanjha, Kaur B’s house and farms have been seized under Panchayat land. 

The Punjab Government is now working to free and redeem the seized government/panchayat land by the people. While the inspection was going on in the village Naya Gaon near Khanauri, it was found out that Punjabi singer Kaur B’s house and farms come under the Panchayat land. The singer’s family had illegally possessed the government land and the news has now made headlines. 

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Kulwant Singh, the sarpanch of Naya Gaon interacted with the media and stated, ‘As per the rules of the government, in today’s inspection, Kartar Singh Hotipur, the family of singer Kaur B and Amarjit Singh Hotipur are found cultivating/farming on Panchayat land by occupying the arable land.

The sarpanch also added, “Not only this, but Kaur B’s family has also built the kothi on Panchayat’s land.”

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Kartar Singh confessed that they have used the Panchayat’s land and will leave its possession. Kaur B’s brother Gurwinder Singh also stated, “The decision of the Punjab Government to redeem Panchayat land is highly commendable. We abide by the rules of the government. We will agree with whatever decision is taken by the government on housing.”

Singer Kaur B has not released any statement on this.

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