What If Punjabi Celebrities Were Popular Marvel Superheroes?

Raise your hand if you’re a Marvel fan! We are sure many hands are raised already. Marvel movies and comics, both have immense fan following. Fans love it and find nothing better than it. Hence we decided why not to develop a random yet very thoughtful idea.

Have you ever imagined that what if Marvel movies were made in Punjab? Or what if your favourite Punjabi celebrities wete marvel superheroes? 

Have a look at this, because this might surprise and impress you.

Arjan Dhillon as Hawkeye

Hawkeye is one of the best archers we know who has impressed us with his extraordinary skills and powers. Though his character experienced a rollercoaster ride, we are happy with the fact that in the end he is finally working for good deeds. And if we had to fit a Punjabi celebrity under the cover of Hawkeye, we believe Arjan Dhillon would be the perfect fit. Is there any doubt in the fact that he is very particular about his targets? 

So Arjan Dhillon as Hawkeye is a perfect fit for us. 

Satinder Sartaj as Doctor Strange

Doc. Strange is definitely one of the most important and loved characters of the Marvel series. As he possesses magical and mysterious powers, we believe Satinder Sartaaj will be best suited to play his character. 

His vocals and singing skills are also no less than any magic. So why not cast him as our Desi Doc Strange.

Babbu Maan as Nick Fury

Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D is evergreen and an all time hero. He has a formula which keeps him young and active. Hence, no-one else but only fan favourite Babbu Maan will be a perfect fit for the character of Nick Fury.

Karan Aujla as Daredevil

As the name suggests, Daredevil is afraid of nothing. He is a brave, courageous, active, skilled Acrobat and what not. Fitting anybody random under the cover of such an all rounder character won’t be fair. 

We guess Karan Aujla will be great at Daredevil. Because his fan power, skills and career growth is enough to justify the same. Both Aujla and Daredevil are fighters who never give up. 

Sidhu Moosewala as Captain America

Captain America enjoys the maximum fan following. He is the most favorite Marvel Characters of fans, hence it’s really difficult to beat him. He is brave, honest and straightforward, which made us realise Sidhu Moosewala is the Captain America of the Punjabi Industry.

Do you think Punjabi Industry has any other celebrity who can fit as Captain America? 

No doubt, Punjabi Industry has various artists who are amazing and can fit various popular characters of Marvel movies. Do you know names who can easily fit into and play any other Marvel character?

Aren’t the illustrations hilarious & relatable? All these illustrations have been taken from a Instagram account named, IRustyDesigns. If you want to see such wonderful content. Then don’t be late and follow the page. 

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