Simiran Dhadli Drops Fiery Intro Of EP Gaddmi Gayika. Takes Shot At Sardar’s Take

Simiran Kaur Dhadli is one of the very renowned and talked about singers of the Punjabi Music Industry. She had earlier updated her fans about her debut album which has turned out to be an EP which will be released soon. And now the singer has finally treated her fans with the EP’s intro.

Titled Gaddmi Gayika, Simiran Kaur Dhadli’s debut EP has become a hot topic of discussion after the release of its intro. The intro of the EP is very strong and loud. In it, Simiran has introduced herself as a bold, fear-free and brave artist who writes and sings her heart out. And not only this, Simiran has also fired shots at Sardar’s Take through the intro.

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In the two-minute intro, Simiran has also included a dialogue by Sardar’s Take which he had said to pass comment on Simiran. The singer put his dialogue, ‘Es geet di aadarsh aurat di apne veer de sahmne akh ni chakki ja rahi, atey pyo de sahmne ohdi zubaan ni khul rahi..’ in the song and replied to it by saying, ‘Baap di akh de vich akh pauna, saadi vichaar dhaara ni. Kyunki vichardhaara khaandaani hai, tuhade vaangu aawara nahi.

This one specific part of the EP’s intro is going viral. For those, who don’t know the reference and context of the dialogue, it is from the reaction video of Sardar’s Take on Simiran’s song Lahu Di Awaaz. The song had ignited controversy on social media and the internet was divided. Sardar’s Take also released his opinion on the song through a video which seemingly did not go well with the singer.

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Now, the fans of Simiran have fixed their eyes on the EP’s release. Though she has not revealed the release date of the EP yet, she has already alerted the fans of the strong songs she’s going to release.  

Check out the intro of Simiran’s EP Gaddmi Gayika here,

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