What Would Be The New Year Resolutions Of Punjabi Singers In Parallel Universe

2022 is finally here and the Punjabi industry is all set for a new chapter to begin. 2021 was undoubtedly a great year for the industry and we hope 2022 turns out to be even better. Just like all of us, Punjabi Singers would also be planning to have some new beginnings or avoid something in this new year! 

This makes us think what would the New Year Resolutions of each Punjabi Celebrity would actually be! It might be easy to guess them, as following the industry has given us enough knowledge about the likes and dislikes of various celebrities but things would turn more interesting if we gave a thought on what would the New Year Resolutions of Punjabi Celebrities in a parallel verse be?

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The New Year Resolutions Of Punjabi Celebrities In Parallel Universe

1. Drink Excessively – Sharry Mann

It is not an unknown fact that Sharry Mann’s drinking habit has caused a lot of trouble. When he’s drunk, he’s a different man. The best example of it is undoubtedly his 2021 Instagram live after Parmish Verma’s wedding. Though it gave birth to a meme that would go down in history, ‘Saleya Tu Drake Aan’, it proved to be a big trouble for Sharry. While under normal circumstances, the artist would think of giving up on alcohol, in a parallel verse he would start drinking more to invite more trouble! Memes incoming for sure.

2. Trust The Process – Karan Aujla

In a Parallel Universe, Karan Aujla would still believe in trusting the process! The ‘Trust the process’ phrase delayed BTFU for 3 months. The artist would like to have his fans waiting for more in a parallel universe. However, this is not as good a New Year Resolution for the fans as Sharry’s. We all know how we waited for BTFU, and trusting that process again wouldn’t be easy. Good Luck to me in that parallel universe.

3. Don’t Return ‘Dand’aan De Paise’ – Sidhu Moosewala

This needs no introduction, just like the artist. We all know this bloody Dandan De Paise resulted in our favourite team breaking up! Sidhu Moosewala & Sunny Malton have come together again but are they together in a parallel universe? Sidhu Moosewala would surely take up the New Year Resolution to return ‘Dand’aan De Paise’ in a normal world, but this is a parallel verse! People there would probably never see Sidhu X Sunny again.

4. Ask For Credit – Gurinder Gill & Shinda Kahlon

This duo has maintained it for years! They come and give a mind blowing performance and then vanish away. No doubt AP Dhillon deserves the credit he gets, but Gurinder Gill & Shinda Kahlon never get their due appreciation, and they never ask for it either. Probably in a parallel universe, the duo might take up a New Year Resolution to ask for equal credit and receive the appreciation that they deserve.

5. Sing More Controversial Songs – Ranjit Bawa

It might take up a whole day if we started counting how many controversies this man has landed himself in due to his songs but as it is said, “Sach Kadva Hota Hai”. Ranjit Bawa in the universe we know, would surely be praying to not get into more controversies but the parallel universe Ranjit Bawa is all set for new and fresh controversial songs in 2022.

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The concept of a parallel universe in itself is so intriguing. To know that there are chances of the infinite exact copies of you in this endless universe at different parts is mind boggling. What is more intriguing is that these New Year Resolutions might even be a real thing in some parts of the universe. It would always remain a mystery. For people reading this in the parallel universe, Hello!

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