Diljit Dosanjh Gives A Hilarious Home Tour. Shows Broken Doors, Messy Room & More

Diljit Dosanjh who never fails to amuse his fans with engaging posts and chartbuster songs has once again done the same. This time the singer-actor gave a tour of his house in a funny video. In the hilarious video, he explains why the house looks the way it does. 

From mentioning that the kitchen door needs improvement and the reason behind the missing paintings, Diljit’s quirky commentary made the video most rib-tickling.

In the video, you will see that Diljit’s home is not like other celebrities’ houses. It was a little messed up but he gave a reason for everything. In his funny desi style video, he started with the kitchen. It was filled with mess and you can see that his cook was glued to his phone after preparing tea.

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As Diljit tries to open a uni-kitchen door. He declares that it seems to be broken and refuses to open it any further. He also said if it was left open, pigeons would fly in.

Then he shows his living room and the wall was empty. For this, he said that he had ordered a painting for the area and had even made the payment but it was never delivered. Then the singer showed his room which is covered with glass walls. 

Showing his room, Diljit recites actor Rajkumar’s popular dialogue, “Jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hain wo dusro pe patthar nahi mara karte.” Diljit didn’t shy away from showing the mess on his bed with piles of clothes lying on the bed. He shared that he shifts the clothes to another corner for his morning yoga, and puts them back on the bed. While sleeping he then shifts all the clothes to different sides. 

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He suddenly opens the bathroom door and then abruptly says “Yeh Bathroom hai, par Bathroom Dikhauna Ni Hai, I am so sorry bathroom thodi dikhaunga ab” and laughs.

Not only this, he gave the reason for all this mess. The popular artist said in a jovial style, that due to his tours and events he did not get time to sort things out so it always remains like this. 

Not only Netizens but celebs from the industry also commented and reacted to this hilarious video. Moreover, on the work front, he will soon begin his World Music Tour ‘Born To Shine’ which will begin on 9 April 2022 at Gurugram.

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