S.W.A.T PUNJAB: Hardeep Grewal Announces Upcoming Film With Garry Khatrao

Punjabi cinema lovers are living their life to the fullest as fresh announcements of the movies and new projects are made every other day by the artists. The latest to join the league is Hardeep Grewal who has just announced his upcoming movie which is titled as S.W.A.T PUNJAB. S.W.A.T is an acronym for Special Weapons And Tactics, generic term for law enforcement military-like unit within the US Police force. 

Hardeep Grewal has shared this news by posting the announcement poster on his official instagram handle. This upcoming movie will be directed by Garry Khatrao who last directed ‘Tunka Tunka’, debut film of Hardeep Grewal. Whereas, Hardeep will be seen playing the lead in the film. Also, he has played his part in writing and producing S.W.A.T PUNJAB. 


Tunka Tunka, which marked the acting debut of Hardeep Grewal, was also produced by him and now this is the second time he is going to produce any Punjabi film. This movie will be released under ‘Hardeep Grewal Productions’. No other details of the films have been out yet. Sharing the post Hardeep Grewal mentioned, “S.W.A.T PUNJAB” will be the title of our next movie after Tunka Tunka. We did our best in the past and will do so again and promise you all that we will not disappoint you. Keep supporting.

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Hardeep has marked his presence in the industry as an actor by giving ‘Tunka Tunka’ to the audience as it is one of the most loved and inspirational movies till date. Tunka Tunka has also won 7 international awards in different categories which is undeniably huge. It is also the highest rated Punjabi movie on imdB. 

Now after hearing this exciting announcement of the movie, people got thrilled and started wishing love and luck to the artist. Let us now wait for the next announcement to be made by the team. We can’t wait to get this movie a start soon and watch it in cinemas, which is not so soon. 

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