Jagdeep Sidhu Unveils 8 Unknown Secrets About Nikka Zaildar! Some Might Surprise You Too

It looks like Jagdeep Sidhu has made up his mind to open the book of memories and share the off-screen secrets with his fans. Recently, the popular director raised the curtains from the unknown facts about Dildariyaan. And now, he has spilled the unknown secrets about Nikka Zaildar too.

The film Nikka Zaildar released in 2016 and starred Ammy Virk and Sonam Bajwa in the lead roles. Apart from these, the film also featured actors like Karamjit Anmol, Nirmal Rishi, and more. Directed by Simerjit Singh and written by Jagdeep Sidhu, the film was successful in winning the audience’s hearts. So, if you too are in love with this film, you’re going to know a lot more about it. 

Sharing the poster of the film on his Instagram account, Jagdeep Sidhu unveiled 8 unknown facts about the film. 


Here Are The Unknown Facts About Nikka Zaildar

Ammy Rejected The Idea

Before hooking on to the story for Nikka Zaildar, Ammy Virk had rejected a story idea that was supposed to be titled Juda. It was then when Jagdeep shared this story with director Simar and he actually liked it. Jagdeep then finished the scripting of the story within 15-16 days, and the full fledged script was ready to be in action. 

Also, Simar had called Jagdeep to write dialogues of Juda (which never made), but since Ammy did not like it, Jagdeep’s story impressed everyone. 

Entry Of Nirmal Rishi’s Character

No-one can imagine the success of Nikka Zaildar without Nirmal Rishi in it. The daadi’s character that she played became everyone’s favorite and left a strong mark in the industry as well. 

But do you know, the character was never planned to be made a part of Nikka Zaildar? Yes, actually the script had a grandfather’s character who ruled the house. But the team could not find a suitable actor to play the same. Hence, some changes were made in the script and the grandfather turned out to be the grandmother, and Nirmal Rishi joined the team. 

Inspiration Behind Nirmal Rishi’s Character

Jagdeep has revealed this secret earlier also that the character of daadi in the film was actually inspired from his own grandmother. 

And we are sure, just like us, Jagdeep too was super convinced and in love with the performance of Nirmnal Rishi in the role. 

The First Choice

Not Sonam Bajwa, but the superstar actor Sargun Mehta was the first choice to play the female lead in the film. But due to unrevealed reasons, she wasn’t made a part of it. 

Though Sargun had read the story, Sonam Bajwa accepted the offer and was finally paired with Ammy Virk

The Birth Of Title

The title of Nikka Zaildar was no new invention. It was simply inspired and derived from a dialogue from a superhit movie. 

It was Amrinder Gill’s Goreyan Nu Dafa Karo which had a dialogue, ‘mainu te aap pind nikka zaildar kehnde aa’. And this was the exact dialogue which gave Nikka Zaildar its name. 

The Jugaad For Mini Cooper

Mini Cooper Lai Dunga, Vich Baith Ke Tu Maari Gediyaan’ who could forget this amazing and groovy song? We are sure that just like us, you too are in love with it. But do you think the film’s team had to struggle a lot to find a Mini Cooper for shooting?

Yes, Jagdeep Sidhu revealed that they couldn’t arrange a Mini Cooper, hence they finalized to use a toy version of the car, and shoot the sequence in a fun way. But luckily, a real Mini Cooper was arranged for the shoot.  

Ammy-Jagdeep Friendship

Every fan of the Punjabi industry is well aware of the bond Jagdeep Sidhu shares with Ammy Virk. They both are amazing friends, and their friendship began with Nikka Zaildar only. 

Though they did not share too many words while shooting but became really good friends while promoting the film. 

Shanti- The House Helper

Jagdeep saved the funniest off-screen story for the last. He revealed Nisha Bano’s character as Shanti in Nikka Zaildar was inspired from his house helper with the same name.

When the house helper decided to stop working at Jagdeep’s home, he too was going through a tough phase. And whenever his family would worry about it, he’d say ‘Shanti rakho’, and once his father replied by saying, ‘Assi Ta Rakhde Aa, Par Shanti Rehndi Ni..’

This funny real-life dialogue by Jagdeep’s father gave him the idea of building a similar character. 

All these little beautiful unknown secrets about Nikka Zaildar ensures that this film surely is very close to Jagdeep’s heart. The film helped people to know more about the exceptional writing skills of Jagdeep which also made him the audience’s favorite.

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